Download WhatsApp++ on iOS Without Jailbreak (Panda Helper VIP Free)

Increment your WhatsApp Experience with WhatsApp++ | Download from Panda Helper: Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most popular social messenger application out there. It is hard to imagine if any smartphone in this world is functioning without WhatsApp. However, users of WhatsApp, definitely, long for certain features which are not present in the official version. Features like hiding last seen, disabling read receipts, disabling delivery receipts are not present in the official version of WhatsApp.

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However, if you wish to have these fantastic features and many others in your WhatsApp messenger then you require downloading WhatsApp++. WhatsApp++ is a 3rd party version of WhatsApp and is not available on official Apple store to download. Therefore, if you wish to download WhatsApp++, you require taking the services of a 3rd party application store. 

What are the Crazy Features of WhatsApp++?

We recommend utilizing Panda Helper for the purpose as this 3rd party application store is gaining popularity rapidly due to the sheer number of useful applications present in the same. You also get to access paid iOS applications for free on Panda Helper.

WhatsApp++ is abundant in features which you always desired to have in the original version. However, please note that you cannot have WhatsApp and WhatsApp++ installed together on the same smartphone. If you wish to install WhatsApp++, you got to uninstall WhatsApp from your device. Android fellas check out this complete guide on “Panda Helper VIP Free APK for Android Devices(Latest Released Version)“.

  • Hide Last Seen & Online Status
  • Disable read receipts specific to particular contacts
  • Disable delivery receipts
  • Keep a large profile picture without having to crop it.
  • Send an unlimited number of photographs at once.
  • Lock WhatsApp with Pass Code or Touch ID.

Apart from these, there are plenty more features to WhatsApp++. Let us move forward towards the download and installation part now.

WhatsApp++ on iOS Download from Panda Helper

  • As a first, you require installing Panda Helper on your iOS device. For that, please launch Safari Browser and navigate here.    Download Panda Helper APP(Updated Version)“.
  • Install the profile of Panda Helper from the webpage that opens up and post successful installation trust the profile of Panda Helper.
    Panda Helper VIP Free Installation on iOS
    Panda Helper VIP Free Installation on iOS
  • Launch Panda Helper from the home screen of your iOS device and with the aid and assistance of the search bar please look out for WhatsApp++.
    WhatsApp++ Download with Panda Helper App
    WhatsApp++ Download with Panda Helper App

It will, usually, come as a first search result. Tap on ‘Get’ to install the same on your iOS device.

WhatsApp++ on iOS with Panda Helper
WhatsApp++ on iOS with Panda Helper

for PC Users: Download Panda Helper VIP on PC Windows 10/8.1/8 & Mac Laptop Guide.

The Bottom Line – WhatsApp++ iOS 12.2, 12.1/12+ Available on Panda Helper

These are the simple steps for downloading WhatsApp++ on your iOS device. Please note that you don’t require jailbreaking your iOS device for the purpose. If you face any issues during the installation process let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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