[*Fixed] Panda Helper Unable to Download, Not Verified & Not Installing Apps

In the initial stages of its launch, Panda Helper was largely unknown in the app community. However, with passing time, the popularity of the application soared high above the relative applications.

Currently, millions of people are using Panda Helper daily to download tweaked, modified, and third-party applications on their smartphones. However, users of Panda Helper are experiencing a slew of issues/errors on the application like Panda Helper not installing apps, Panda Helper Crashing, and others.

A majority of these errors are easy to fix and that is the reason we are bringing this comprehensive guide for you detailing Panda Helper errors/issues and their fixes. Check this out: Panda Helper VIP Free APK for Android Devices(Latest Released Version).


We have tried our best to include all Panda Helper errors and their fixes in this guide. However, if you do come across an error, which is not present in this guide, we request you to drop us the same in the comments section provided below. We will have a look into it and provide you with a working fix for the same on a priority basis.

Unable to Verify App Error (iOS)/ Panda Helper not working

This error arises when Apple revokes the certificate of an application. In case, you are facing this error, you can always go for a fresh installation. Please note that you can also install Anti-Revoke applications on your iPhone/iPad thereby preventing this incident from ever happening again.

Panda Helper – couldn’t download at this time Error (FIX)

This error comes up while downloading apps from Panda Helper. You can try out any of the following steps to fix this error:

  • Launch Settings -> Network -> Reset Network Settings. Restart your device and try again.

panda helper not working issues

  • It might be the case that servers are slow. Please wait for a few minutes and then try downloading the application once again.
  • Reinstalling Panda Helper will, indeed, fix the error if the first two didn’t work.


panda helper not working error fix

  • Please navigate to Settings and clear Panda Helper cache.

Panda Helper – Applications not working (FIX)

Sometimes it might happen that the application or a game downloaded from Panda Store won’t work. In this scenario, check out whether your Panda Helper application is up-to-date or not. Developers release periodic updates to deal with such issues.

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Panda Helper – Unable to download (FIX)

This is another pressing issue which the users of Panda Helper are facing. Whenever they are trying to install Panda Helper, a pop-up comes up stating ‘Panda Helper couldn’t be installed at this time.’ In the majority of the cases, this error comes up when you already have a prior version of Panda Helper installed on your device. If that’s the case, please uninstall the prior version, reboot your device, and then try installing Panda Helper once again.

Panda Helper Unable to download issue fix

In another case, it might be that the servers of Panda Helper are down. Please wait for a few minutes before trying to install the application once again. It doesn’t take long for the servers to come up.

Panda Helper – Profile Installation Failed Error [iOS] (FIX)

If the server of Panda Helper is dealing with a large amount of traffic at a given moment then this error will pop-up during the installation process itself. In this case, it is better to wait for some time before trying to install the application once again. Usually, the error won’t come up again but if it does comes up; you can try out the following steps:

  • Turn on Flight Mode on your device.
  • Navigate to Settings and look for Safari Browser.
  • Open the Settings of Safari Browser and you will see an option of ‘Clear History and Website Data.’

panda helper not working error solution

  • Tap on it and on the pop-up that comes up, tap on ‘Clear History and Data.’
  • Disable Flight Mode and after a few minutes start the installation process of Panda Helper once again.

Panda Helper – White Screen Issue

Some users reported a white screen on Panda Helper.

white screen issue panda helper


If you are facing the same issue then launch Settings -> Safari Browser and Clear History and Website Data. Now, the white screen will go away.

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Panda Helper – Invalid Argument Supplied (FIX)

Follow the below steps in case you happen to face ‘Invalid Argument Supplied’ error.

  • Please delete Panda Helper application from your device.
  • Reinstall Panda Helper application.
  • Thereafter, please restart your device.
  • Navigate to Settings for Panda Helper and check if any updates are available.

panda helper not working issues fix

  • If any updates are present, then please apply the same and you won’t get the error again.

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 Panda Helper Stopped Working/ Unable to Install, Not Installing Apps Fix

These were the major issues being faced by the users of Panda Helper. In case you are not able to fix a particular error by following the steps mentioned in this guide; please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will aid and assist you to fix the error on a priority basis.

55 thoughts on “[*Fixed] Panda Helper Unable to Download, Not Verified & Not Installing Apps”

  1. Trying to install an ipa through pandahelper, downloaded it separately and shared it with pandahelper using documents app by readdle. But clicking on install doesnt do anything. Please fix that or add oceanhorn in your app list.

  2. I was asked to download a fix app in the panda helper to prevent it from crashing,I skipped it for later & the app crashed

  3. Look, panda helper I tried every thing above but I still can’t download minecraft and it tell me it can’t be downloaded at this time!!!!!! Plssssss help me fix thissss

  4. When I install any app they always take me to install another profile the first time I open any of them, this is normal I know. But one app (Asphalt 9) would do this too and worked fine until a couple days ago when I reinstalled it and it opened without taking me to install a profile. Now it doesn’t work and no matter what I do to get it to take me to install a profile nothing works.

      • When you download apps off of there so far for me none of them work and you’ll try everything on the website and it won’t fix anything

      • Its not working all apps getting from dont open or download and after on the side it say the app was resigned download new version and the new version in not working completely

      • Hey I can install toca life world it says try again later but I restarted my phone and powered off. I’ve tried everything. Pls help me

  5. I have the issue where from time to time I have to uninstall panda helper bc it’ll tell me it can’t be verified and when I reinstall it it opens an lets me download it but when I’m trying to download Minecraft it will not show the logo in the way it should it shows it like a old lined compass or something an it doesn’t download and I’ve tried different solutions an fixes an none have worked so plzzzzzz help me I enjoy playing Minecraft so plz help me. Thanks.

  6. i was playing a game normally until a few days later i come back and its big opening and it says the app and pandahelper are both not verified but when i go to verify it from settings, i click verify and it doesn’t do anything

  7. I install all by book, but after installing I can’t get any app from store, I’m a VIP and with all pays I can’t get any app, what a messs,
    All time getting sorry, This app can’t download

  8. when I try to use the litter version it tells me that it is unable to install and that I need the VIP version. plz help

  9. So I downloaded the lite version and when I install the app Lumafusion. Then I open it and it crashes immediately. I have previously had the app though pandahelper so I’m confused on why it’s not working…………
    Thanks sm

  10. So everything worked for me and when I tried to get in it’s just came out of the app
    if someone can help me I will thank him

  11. Downloaded panda helper, when I open it, i see the logo and it immediately crashes. Tried reinstalling but same thing happens. I have an I phone 7 on iOS 13.4.1

  12. I have a VIP membership and i tried to download PUBG hack but an error popped up sayin: “Tips: unable to download, please contact us.”
    I really need some help or at least an explanation

  13. When I open Minecraft I cant sign in and when I install the new version of PandaHelper it just says “Unable to install “pandahelper free2.0.3”. Please try again later, but when I do it never works

  14. Please update treasure cruise, it downloaded fine, but when I enter the app it is completely unable to connect, I noticed the update date is over a year ago and I’ve been told updating it can fix this issue, please prioritize this issue, I am a VIP member and I only got VIP so I could download the treasure cruise hack. Please update it.

  15. I paid for the VIP version of Panda Helper but I cannot download it. It just says “Unable to install Panda Helper”. Can I get any help with this?

  16. hi, I downloaded the panda helper, everything went well but I can’t run the spotify++ app, the app opens up but I can’t get through the signup page. I cant login through facebook, neither can I do anything by manually signing up.. just stuck at the starting screen which is logging page. Is there any way to get through this thing?


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